Deep Hydrating Rose Sheet Mask

Deep Hydrating Rose Sheet Mask

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Deep Hydrating Rose Sheet Mask will help nourish and plump the skin with its rose healing properties. This sheet mask is enriched with allantoin to help calm and soothe the skin while giving it a glow.

Rose Water is a natural antioxidant and hydration medium. Infused with sodium hyaluronate which hydrates, reduces the appearance of fine lines and promotes firmness. 

This is a single use treatment sheet mask.

How to use

  1. First, give your face a good cleanse. 
  2. Then, unfold the mask and place on your face adjusting for the eyes, nose and mouth. Relax for 20 minutes with the mask in  place. Try to avoid talking.
  3. Finally, remove the mask from your face and discard. No need to rinse. Massage the remaining product into your face and neck.